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What is Chronic Wellness?

What is Chronic Wellness?  It is a persistent or Continual state of Well-being. Imagine living a healthy, symptom free, productive lifestyle no matter what you’re going through at any given moment. This is Chronic Wellness. Some people seem to live this way naturally. I’m sure you know people like this, they are rarely sick, they rarely have symptoms, […]

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How to Create Your Own Chronic Wellness Equation

Chronic Wellness Equation

How would you like to have your own Chronic Wellness Equation? A formula that supports you in living a healthy, symptom free, productive lifestyle no matter your current or previous health history. You may be wondering how this is possible and, more importantly, if this is possible for you. Read on to find out more […]

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5 Phases of Chronic Wellness

As I went through the process of creating the formula for the Chronic Wellness Equation™ I asked a lot of questions of a lot of people, including myself. What I realized is there are five very distinct phases that people go through on the path to healing. Understanding these phases and where you are on […]

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Why Am I So Driven to Spread Chronic Wellness?

My Story

Sometimes people ask, why am I so driven to spread chronic wellness? In 2005 I was bitten by a seemingly harmless little bug. Within 10 days I developed severe neurological symptoms. It then took 8 years to get a proper diagnosis. At my worst point I was barely able to walk more than a few blocks […]

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