What is Chronic Wellness? 

It is a persistent or Continual state of Well-being. Imagine living a healthy, symptom free, productive lifestyle no matter what you’re going through at any given moment. This is Chronic Wellness.

Some people seem to live this way naturally. I’m sure you know people like this, they are rarely sick, they rarely have symptoms, and they’re generally in a good mood. They’ve discovered either accidentally, or intentionally, how to create their own Chronic Wellness Equation™ which includes the things their mind, body, and spirit need to thrive.

Others of us have to learn how to be chronically well and learn what our mind, body, and spirit need to thrive on this planet and in our current environment.

I’ve realized over the years, I fall into the latter category. Originally I struggled with this, but now I view it as a good thing as I’ve realized it’s a wonderful opportunity for those of us who are highly sensitive to learn more about ourselves, our bodies and habits formed over the years and gives us the opportunity to grow tremendously.

The Impact of Environmental Changes

Over the past couple hundred years our planet has changed drastically with the advent of the industrial revolution and with our increasing use of different technologies.

We’ve changed our natural habitat, our food supply, the quality of our air, water and virtually all aspects of our environment. Some may argue this is good, while others argue it’s bad. The way I see it, it’s where we’re at and it’s a topic that needs to be addressed.

Throughout the history of our planet there have been continual changes, some more drastic than others. There have also been those who survived and those who became extinct because they weren’t able to adapt to the changes.

With the environmental changes over the years has come an increase of disharmonious microbes both in the environment and in our body. While researching my own health I learned one very important thing:

Some people can be infected with a microbe and have zero symptoms while another person with the same microbe may end up so sick they can’t get out of bed or worse, they end up in the hospital or die.

This one fact has fascinated me more than any other on my own road to recovery from a debilitating chronic illness and has inspired me to ask more questions and dig deeper to understand why.

This website has been created to share with you the information I come across whether online or in conversation and to share the insights I’ve gained from the thousands of hours of research I’ve done, and will continue to do.

#BillionHealthy Movement

All of this is part of our #BillionHealthy movement, which is focused on positively affecting the Health of a Billion People around the world. By sharing the information on this website via e-mail, social media and in conversation you will contribute to this movement and improve the health of people around you and improve the health of our planet.

Use the hashtag #ChronicWellness in conjunction with #BillionHealthy when posting info on social media to show your commitment to being chronically well and to supporting others on their journey to health and wellbeing.

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I look forward to having you in the community and to hearing from you as you create, or maintain, your own chronic wellness lifestyle!

And I look forward to supporting you as you help others to do the same.

-Serena Walker
Founder, Chronic Wellness Summits

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